Welcome to JumpStart a Coaching Practice!

We offer a 4 month curriculum for people who want to develop a coaching practice within their current career area. 

Many of you describe yourselves as the "go to" person for HR, Health, Business, Counseling, and other specialties.   You've have the expertise, read the books, know the drill, put in the time.

Whether you're an executive, a personal trainer or a real estate agent, is it time for you to leverage what you already know and start a coaching practice?    

We're here to help.  We offer a successful, straight-forward coaching protocol that gets you coaching people right away. 

Complement the skills and experience you've honed over the years and learn everything you need to become a powerful and successful  coach, in only 4 months.

Nancy Pagan
(617) 909-1075
Become A Personal or Professional Coach
Using What You Already Know
“The handouts are great, the volume of info was immense, the business forms are a godsend, the mentor coaching was probably life-altering. I learned how to present myself as a coach. I had the knowledge and passion but you helped me to package everything together in order to start my own coaching business.”
Sandy,  NH

"This course was a jump start with minimal investment of time and money. Your approach will indeed get more people off to a start in this field. Good for beginning coaches to use. Loved the tools and structure you provided. The course was well planned and the teleclasses were very well facilitated.”

Kedra, Shanghai, China


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